Top 4 Reasons You Should Try Hypnotherapy Today

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You have heard of hypnotherapy before. It has been a term you have heard in whispers as you navigate your way through the journey of life. You have considered it as an option for kicking your repetitive habit or maybe even to gain control of your mental health. But you are worried to delve into something that seems so foreign.

It can be overwhelming to consider all the choices for therapy that are available on the market. We understand that. With the endless options out there, you can’t help but wonder – but why hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is actually less foreign than you might realise. It is relaxing and comforting, allowing the mind, body and soul to enter a natural state. The process equips you with the tools to take charge of your future.

Here are our four major reasons why you need to try hypnotherapy today and why it could work for you:

  • It is the easiest method to reprogram your subconscious mind.

With the power of hypnotherapy, the wheel is back in your hands. Doesn’t that sound marvellous? When you work with a hypnotherapist, you are delving into the root cause of why you are stuck in a certain place in your life. Hypnotherapy offers so much more than just a band-aid solution and is more powerful than willpower alone. If you want to change your habits or the trajectory of your life, the best place to start is with your subconscious mind. Real change begins when we reprogram what is on the inside in order to reflect what we want showing up on the outside. Hypnosis gets straight to the source of your trauma, repetitive habit and your old patterns. You can rewrite your story in a way that you have always wanted. This is why not only should you try hypnotherapy; it is something you are deserving of. Whether you require hypnotherapy to quit smoking, for weight loss or even to get ahead in business – the first step involves visiting the subconscious mind.

  • Hypnotherapy can be used for a plethora of ailments, roadblocks and traumas

You are stuck. You don’t know how to take the next step, let alone where that next step might lead. People come to a hypnotherapist when they don’t know where else to turn.

We are sure you are aware of how the wonders of hypnotherapy can aid in your journey to quit smoking or your battle of the bulge. There are even specialists who can help you by providing hypnosis for depression, sleep deprivation and anxiety. There isn’t much that a hypnotherapist can’t help you with. At Perth Hypnosis Clinic, we work with a vast array of illnesses, ailments stumbling roadblocks and unforgiving traumas that have stopped you from living your best life in the past.

Whether you have ongoing concerns surrounding children, need help changing the way you perceive stressful situations, have insomnia keeping you up all night, want to improve your communication skills, cannot seem to overcome your chronic pains or even need help with increasing your self-esteem – there is a hypnotherapist waiting to help you.

  • Hypnotherapy is safe and painless

When you work with the right hypnotherapist, you have made a true friend for life. What is more comfortable and secure than a genuine friendship?

Hypnosis is very painless and offers a wholesome and safe space. The stereotype out there suggests that hypnotherapy equates to lack of control of the mind; that is in fact farthest from the truth. When working with a hypnotherapist, you are collaboratively walking hand-in-hand, as they guide you through to your subconscious mind and into genuine happiness. A hypnotherapist will soothe and comfort you and ensure you are in a relaxed state before they begin their work.

  • The process of hypnotherapy is highly effective and provides rapid progress

You have a clear understanding of your situation and what needs to be done in order to address it. You know you should kick that smoking habit and that emotional eating isn’t the solution to weight loss. We all have that glorious list of what I could do, should do, shouldn’t do, wouldn’t do. But apart from having that list collect dust on your kitchen table, how effective is having the knowledge that the list exists?

The reason why that list seems to be nothing more than a mantel piece for our kitchen table is because you are triggering only the conscious level of your mind. Imagine placing a tiny old band-aid on a wound that is in desperate need of stitches – that is not effective at all is it? You need to address the source of your situation in order to deal with it and move forward.

That is where the beauty of hypnotherapy is different and can be more effective than conventional therapy methods. Hypnotherapists deal with the subconscious mind where your experiences, knowledge, memories and programs are all stored and reflect your experiences in the outside world. Perhaps you have an unhealthy relationship with food or have an unexplained battle with anxiety because of an event that took place in your childhood. This is where hypnotherapy is effective in identifying that source and works to overcome it.

Although every individual is different, you will begin to see results rapidly. At Perth Hypnosis Clinic, we are genuinely eager to see you back on your feet and smiling like never before. We are not about ‘quick fixes’ and want to ensure you get the most effective therapy in the most efficient amount of time.

No matter what your concern or your stumbling block is, working with a hypnotherapist in Perth could be the answer you were always searching for. There is a way out of the dark tunnel and there is light at the end of the road. Let us start the conversation today, we want to help you find happiness and to see that warm smile restored.

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Kenneth and Michal at Perth Hypnosis Clinic are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, registered by the Australian Hypnotherapy Council (HCA) and the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists and are members of the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia (PHA),so you can be assured you are receiving a high standard of service. 

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