The Perfect Swing

The Perfect Swing

So many people say that their practice swing is fine, but when it comes to really play it’s just not the same. We often hear people say things like: ‘Gosh, I wish I could hit like that during a game!’

Playing well is all about focus – in fact, it is about being able to direct your focus at will. In a matter of moments, you go from chatting with your friends to an absolute focus of attention on your play.
The golf swing is easily disrupted by inappropriate muscle tension and your mind can lead your body in having exactly the right level of muscle tension.

Now there is an important distinction between your state of mind during a practice swing and during a game swing. In your practice swing, you are fully engaged in the process of making the swing and not a bit worried about the outcome. If your mind is distracted from the process to the outcome, then effectively process can go out the window. You need to be totally absorbed with the process of the swing itself and not the outcome the swing will produce. You have got to want to win before you start playing your game but during the game, any thoughts of victory need to vanish – because they are an outcome, and when you are playing you need pure process.

All thoughts of the last shot you played or the next one after this or how the other players are doing must disappear, there is only now and only this action and to play to your full potential your mind has to extend in the right way – which means focus. Hypnosis mind training will instill confidence, focus, and composure so that you become your swing when you make it.

The more you stay in the process, the more you are going to be able to keep your real swing like your practice swing. It is like the guy walking a tight rope. If you stretch the tight rope 50cm above the ground, he can walk across there without too much trouble, because he is not thinking about the outcome of falling. But if you raise that tight rope 10 meters into the air, suddenly the whole thing changes. He’s stopped focussing on the process and has focussed on the outcome. However, if he truly wants a good outcome, he needs to stay process focussed!

So, you need to process your swing in a complete state of flow, what we call being ‘in the zone’. When you line up to take your swing, nothing else matters and all else fades into the background. Hypnosis won’t teach you the mechanics of your golf swing – to learn the correct technique you need professional coaching – but it will train your mind to repeatedly and reliably enter the exact frame to produce your best swing every time.

If you want to produce your best swing every time, I urge you to call Kenneth on 0431 959 204 and begin playing better golf and lowering your handicap.

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