The Last Straw? Try Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Success.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

You have been waging a war with those kilos. It has been a battle of the bulge for years. Now you don’t know where to turn or what step to take next. You have tried a fad diet that promises to help you lose 10 kilos in 10 weeks and are still in square one.

Have you ever considered using the wonders of hypnotherapy to lose weight?

“This is my last resort, does hypnosis for weight loss really work?”

You are truly on your last straw, we understand. As a Perth-based clinical hypnotherapist who specialises in weight loss, anxiety and mental health, we hear the mental dialogue of our clients regularly. We understand that all these elements are intertwined and can often be a source of grief and frustration. We can hear you loud and clear, you have your fears and your doubts because nothing has worked in the past.

On top of wanting to lose the weight, wouldn’t it also be amazing to lose a sense of attachment of needing to lose the weight? During your hypnotherapy for weight loss session, you will enter a state of relaxation and relish a sense of detachment to the situation.

As you get comfortable and find tranquillity within your newfound relaxed state, your friendly hypnotherapist will provide powerful and positive suggestions that can help you with your weight loss journey. Please note that the extent of your results may vary from person to person.

We explore the depths of your situation and consider what elements make up your lifestyle. We explore:

  • What your relationship is with food currently
  • If you consume alcohol, if so, how much
  • Your exercise regime
  • What are the blocks that are stopping you from achieving success?

Kenneth from Perth Hypnosis Clinic will work with you in identifying and removing any blocks that might be hindering you from achieving weight loss success. Is there an aspect of you that is causing resistance? That is where a trained clinical hypnotherapist can bring you back into alignment so that you can move forward without lingering negative thoughts.

The last thing you need is to be frustrated by yet another yo-yo diet. Hypnotherapy for weight loss will help you build the confidence you need to make changes. We help you build resilience and a positive mindset, resetting your approach to old habits.

By working with a hypnotherapist for weight loss, you will genuinely look forward to mealtime and won’t feel like you are depriving yourself in the process.

We specialise in hypnotherapy for weight loss in Perth. Get in touch with Kenneth today.

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Kenneth and Michal at Perth Hypnosis Clinic are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, registered by the Australian Hypnotherapy Council (HCA) and the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists and are members of the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia (PHA),so you can be assured you are receiving a high standard of service. 

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