Hypnosis for Pain Management & Disease

Hypnosis for Pain Management & Disease in Perth

Ever thought of using the Power of Hypnosis to healing, pain control and immune response.
People often talk about the mind-body connection knowing the mind can soothe the body. There is scientific evidence that backs up this belief, showing that hypnosis can powerfully utilise the mind to influence the body.
Hypnosis can be very effective in treating chronic pain and disease.
Hypnosis can be used to induce anaesthesia or reduce pain to a manageable level. It can also be used to treat phantom pain.
Using a combination of hypnosis techniques, clients have experienced faster healing after surgery. Other clients experience recovery from illness faster than they otherwise would with the aid of hypnosis.
Hypnosis is also very effective in assisting the immune system and treating skin conditions such as warts, eczema, allergic reactions, and psoriasis.
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