Online Hypnotherapy

If you live outside the Perth metro area, or travelling to a hypnotherapy session presents a problem, you can now access sessions through your Skype app.

All you require is a reliable internet connection on your computer or tablet and a reasonable quality camera. I need to be able to observe you throughout the whole session, so the camera needs to be stable. You will also require a comfortable set of headphones. Be aware you will be listening to me for about an hour, but maybe longer.

Your chair needs to be comfortable as you will be sitting in it for the duration of the session. The chair should have armrests – a recliner is good.

The camera/chair position must be such that I can view you for the entire session.

The session will be the same as if you were in my clinic room in Perth, except that you will be in your own chair in your own room.

The same issues can be addressed.

You need to be sure you will not be disturbed during the session – either by children, pets, or other disturbances like blinds rattling in the breeze, or doors banging.

If you had previously thought that hypnosis was beyond your reach due to travel you can now access the same sessions that your big city cousins do.

If you would like to book a Skype session, please call me on 0431 959 204

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