Hypnotherapy for Depression

Hypnotherapy for Depression

Can Hypnotherapy Help Your Depression or PTSD?

Not everyone responds to mainstream therapies for PTSD and Depression, and not everyone is OK with taking antidepressants.

While some people respond well to medication and counselling, others wish there was a better alternative. Some just want to experience change at a faster rate.

We offer a natural alternative that works and can help you move quickly from that depressive or trauma-induced state to one of vitality, motivation, and focus.

You already possess the most incredible tool, and it is in your hands right now. It is the power of your own mind. Using that power, you can quickly and easily move out of that funk and start doing the things you want – regain your happiness and zest for living.

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Clinical Hypnotherapists can help your depressive symptoms

We are experienced, skilled hypnotherapists and ready to assist you in shifting out of that depressive state of mind quickly and easily.

We have helped thousands of people experiencing depression quickly recapture their motivation and focus.

We work with most forms of Depression, Personality Disorders and Trauma

✓ Post Natal Depression ✓ Major Depressive Disorder
✓ Seasonal Affective Disorder ✓ Mixed Depression with Anxiety
✓ Bi-Polar Disorder ✓ Dissociative Identity Disorder
✓ Borderline Personality Disorder ✓ Anti-social Personality Disorder
✓ Avoidance Personality Disorder ✓ Dependant Personality Disorder
✓ Histrionic Personality Disorder ✓ Narcissistic Personality Disorder

When you want to change – we help you do it quickly

Face to face appointments are available in the Cockburn Integrated Health Centre in Success, or at Dr.7 Medical Centre in Yokine.

Online sessions are available with Telehealth or Zoom.

We know depression is a serious condition that can lead to severe symptoms and even suicide. It affects people of all ages, genders, races and backgrounds. It can be caused by a variety of factors including trauma, life events and medications as well as other environmental factors. According to Beyond Blue, about 1 in 7 Australians will experience a depressive episode at some point in their life.

Many people are prescribed medication to treat depression, but very few respond well to medication. In fact, in one study of patients with major depressive disorder (MDD), only 44% responded to antidepressant treatment after 8 weeks. In any case, it is proven that depression is not due to any chemical imbalance in the brain. Many recent studies at Harvard and Oxford Universities have shown that medication is the least effective method of treating depression.

Some people may also experience side effects from antidepressants, such as nausea or weight gain. These side effects can lead some people to stop taking their medication altogether—and that can be very dangerous!

Hypnotherapy is proven to be be an effective alternative treatment option for those who don’t respond well to mainstream long-term therapies like antidepressants or psychotherapy because it doesn’t involve taking any medications or changing your lifestyle in any way.

We know that our minds store everything we experience in our lifetime in the mind’s databank, and it uses the information stored there to determine how you respond to everything around you.

While you are in a relaxed hypnotic state, you can change your mind’s responses by allowing it to re-evaluate those experiences or reasons for the depressive state. When that happens, the things that bothered, stressed, affected, or caused the depression, do not affect you in a negative way any longer, allowing you to respond with a much better mindset and cope with stressors in healthier ways, rather than shutting down when something goes wrong, as you might tend towards doing when depressed.

Although these changes can occur after just a few sessions, they can last a lifetime, making it a very cost effective therapy.

In addition to treating depression, hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective at treating anxiety disorders, eating disorders, addictions like smoking or alcohol abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and at helping people deal with chronic pain. Hypnosis can also help you focus on your own self-care by teaching you how to manage stress in your life more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is hypnosis for depression?

Our hypnosis for depression sessions are extremely effective in helping to resolve depression. We offer a natural alternative that allows you to quickly and easily move from a depressive state to one of motivation and vitality. Most clients find resolution for their depression within three sessions, however, some may require further follow-up sessions.

Will I lose control through the hypnosis for depression sessions?

No, you will not lose control through our hypnosis for depression sessions. This is a common misconception suggesting that Hypnotherapists have control over the client in a session. During our sessions, clients don’t do or say anything under hypnosis that they wouldn’t in a fully conscious and aware state.

Is everything I say during my session confidential?

Yes, everything that you say during your hypnosis session is strictly confidential by law. We do not release any information about our clients or their sessions to anyone without our client’s written permission.


When you want to change – we help you do it quickly

At Perth Hypnosis Clinic, we work with you to help to achieve your desired outcome quickly, to bring about your transformation into the person you want to be, doing what you want, the way you want. 


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