Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Reinstate confidence and eradicate all anxiety and fear

We do not provide coping or management strategies.

We do not do programs because you don’t need them.

We do provide fast, simple and effective hypnotherapy which leads sufferers to relief from their conditions –  AND we are very good at it.

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety
Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Wipe out

  • Panic, any phobia, obsessive thoughts and ideas, compulsions, intrusive unnecessary worry, and all symptoms of anxiety and depression.


  • Insomnia, IBS, stress physical exhaustion, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome and more.

Liberate yourself

  • From those unwanted feelings or emotions and activate your physical and mental resilience and confidence and realise your full intellectual and physical potential.


  • Normal, calm emotional responses.

You have come to the right place. It is okay to ask for help; we are here for you.

When you want to change – we help you do it quickly

Face to face appointments are available in the Cockburn Integrated Health Centre in Success, or at Dr.7 Medical Centre in Yokine.

Online sessions are available with Telehealth or Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hypnosis make anxiety worse?

No, hypnosis is not known to make your anxiety worse. Hypnosis is an excellent method for calming inappropriate anxiety. During our hypnosis sessions, you can achieve a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to re-train your mind and body to feel calm in situations that may have once caused worry.

I feel anxious about travelling to the clinic. Can I do an online session?

Absolutely! We understand that travelling to our clinic may trigger feelings of anxiety. That’s why we offer convenient online hypnotherapy sessions you can participate in from the comfort of your home. Our online sessions provide the same level of effectiveness as in-person sessions, regardless of your location.

How can hypnosis help manage anxiety?

Hypnosis offers a highly effective approach to managing anxiety by addressing its root causes and ultimately aiming to delete it altogether.

You can release inappropriate fears and feelings through our holistic process, replacing them with more appropriate emotional responses. This transformation feels effortless and natural.

Hypnotherapy is very effective in bringing the changes you want and can happen quickly. Unlike traditional counselling, hypnotherapy is a short-term therapy that can bring rapid and lasting change. Our Experienced Hypnotherapists work with clients to resolve negative issues and shift into a positive mindset as quickly as possible.


When you want to change – we help you do it quickly

At Perth Hypnosis Clinic, we work with you to help to achieve your desired outcome quickly, to bring about your transformation into the person you want to be, doing what you want, the way you want. 


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