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Every person has some fears. It doesn’t matter how old you might be, your experience, your sex, or faith – fear is part of all of us, it’s what makes us human. Without fear, we wouldn’t live very long. Fear is meant to keep us safe, it stops us from crossing a road when there are motor vehicles coming and it stops us from touching a flame or going too close to the edge of a cliff.

Fear by itself is a normal feeling, but in some cases, it can impact us in a way that hinders our progress and stops us from experiencing life as we should, which is when it’s time for us to make a change. Generally, fear is a standard response to a circumstance we should be scared about. It is information and offers us a greater understanding of our environment and ourselves. In our society, there are five fears that are prevalent.

• Death
This is where we genuinely feel terrified of dying. When we are born our subconscious is designed to keep us alive, so, in truth, it would be absurd not to have this fear to some degree. This fear is basic and deeply installed within us all, which explains why we all get an accelerated heart rate or panicky sensation when our lives are in danger, even if, for example, we are looking over the edge of a cliff safely.

• Being Maimed
This is about the fear of injury to our bodies that would impede our capabilities. Our body is precious to us and we want it to be in its best form in order to survive. So when we are petrified of animals and insects like wasps, spiders, and even things like jellyfish and lobsters it is this fear which may be in play.

• Loss of Control
This is anxiety about the loss of control. Whether that’s through being paralyzed, overpowered, or controlled by something which we have no control over.

• Separation Anxiety
This is the fear of a loss of connection or complete disconnection from someone or society itself. It is a fear of being apart from something that we believe is imperative to our self-worth. This fear is commonly related to other social anxieties.

• Diminished Status
This is the fear of being humiliated or shamed. It is where we suffer considerable feelings that we will lose our integrity, self-confidence, worth, and capabilities. Everybody is at risk of these five fears; they are built into us to help us stay alive. Each and every single one of us holds these fears to some extent or other.
For some, these fears can get out of control and if that’s you, there is something you can do to help yourself. These fundamental five fears in the above list are there to keep us protected, alive, and interacting in a constructive way towards ourselves as well as others.

If your fear is doing more than that and leading you to be anxious at inappropriate times, it’s time to get some specialist help. Kenneth Eldridge, a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist from Perth Hypnosis Clinic based in Perth, Western Australia, said “Hypnotherapeutic tactics are very useful at relieving unwanted fears in a very natural way. We would all try to solve any inappropriate fears by ourselves first, but on a large number of occasions, we simply don’t be able to resolve them because they are maintained at a subconscious level. This, however, is an area where hypnotherapy excels”.

Perth Hypnosis Clinic is built on the highest ethical standards and a service provided by a qualified and experienced professional. We offer services for depression, anxiety, habit breaking, pain, disease, phobia, general improvement and more. If you want to consider hypnosis to help you get back on track’ – give us a call on 0431 959 204.

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