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Many people that don’t have phobias dismiss them as something trivial, but usually, they are more than a silly fear. Phobias can be attached to any scenario, person (like a dentist), or object, and the sufferer experiences a strong emotional reaction if they encounter the phobic trigger. Whilst frightening, the phobic reaction was designed to keep us safe from what is deemed a threat. People that do not suffer from the same phobia are likely to think that the fear is silly simply because they tend not to perceive the object as posing the same degree of danger. In extreme cases, even thinking about the source of their phobia would make the person truly feel panicky.

When someone creates avoidance in their lives specifically to avoid the thing they’re fearful of they would be classed as phobic. Obviously, some phobias are so obscure that they don’t affect life too much, but even so, they still may create avoidance behavior – for instance not wanting to get into an MRI machine.
Phobias are in most instances split into two main categories. These are typically simple and complex phobias. In the case of simple phobias, the fear is primarily directed at a singular object or scenario like flying, oranges, insects, pigeons, and many more.

Complex phobias are where there is a complex collection of deep-seated emotions leading to a person being overwhelmed by their phobia, examples of complex phobias are claustrophobia and social phobia. Most phobias are fairly easy to remove. That’s because they ordinarily involve an initial traumatic experience followed up by one or more re-enforcing incidents. Phobias take their root in the subconscious, which is why Hypnosis is such a helpful treatment. Hypnosis enables the sufferer to identify and alter the root of the issue at the subconscious level.

Kenneth Eldridge from Perth Hypnosis Clinic based in Perth, Western Australia explained why in their view hypnosis is extremely effective in treating phobias. Hypnotheraputic tactics are a long-term solution and lots of people that have hypnotherapy to cure a phobia will find they are totally free of their fear in the first session. When you have a client who cannot remember ever not being afraid of spiders, have one session of hypnotherapy, and then be happy to discuss, look at, and even have a ‘pet spider’ (albeit a plastic one) on her desk, is truly a remarkable transformation. If you have found you are being afflicted negatively by a phobia, it may be time for you to consider hypnotherapeutic solutions so you can eliminate that fear, and start living the life you deserve to lead.

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