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Alternative treatments to health conditions are being sought increasingly more these days. In our world today being overweight is not just common, it now affects over 60% of people. There are a plethora of diets available, each offering miracle cures to weight loss and reducing our food consumption. While the claims are plentiful more often than not the evidence is quite sparse.

Kenneth Eldridge from Perth Hypnosis Clinic based in Perth, Western Australia explained; “This is why hypnotherapeutic strategies tend to be more successful as it takes into consideration all the ramifications that dieting entails as well as combating any issues that may appear. Hypnosis can assist with appetite, maintaining a healthy diet, and help to enhance overall health, without any of the risks associated with surgical procedures or medication, and without the persistent struggle and despondency, plenty of people suffer when dieting. To sum up; using hypnotherapy approaches can tackle the problems linked to dieting as well as keeping the motivation high and assisting to change the behaviors around food.” A great many people decide to have hypnotherapy strategies after they have been on a number of different diets and not been successful in slimming down.

Normally, the aim of the hypnotherapists would be to change your behaviors and thoughts about food. Hypnosis aims to treat the whole person on a physical and mental level so that their overeating can be understood and then improved. These may include learned behaviors whilst growing up and the patterns of eating, strong desires, and the quality of the diet, portion control, eating habits, comprehension of healthy eating, and a proper diet.

Hypnotherapy tends to focus on behavioral change as opposed to what is allowed or not allowed. For weight loss to be effective and long-lasting behavioral change has to occur and virtually all diets tend not to tackle this issue because they have no capability to do it. Diets do not generally explain how the body functions. The body naturally slows down metabolism in times of food scarcity, which is how the mind sees dieting, which results in fewer calories being required on a daily basis. To continue to lose weight you need to reduce the calories even further and this effect can last up to six years. Hormones also vary during long-term dieting and this can also have an impact making it even tougher to shed weight and remain healthy. So if you have tried ‘everything’ and you would like more information regarding hypnosis for weight loss, or for anything else you may want to deal with – call now on 0431 959 204.

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