How might Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) be dealt with effectively

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Stress is not a new experience for anyone, we have all experienced it but for some, it is a daily occurrence. Everybody responds differently, however; a lot of people can find an occasion far more stressful than others. Occasionally, however, if the event is actually very traumatic to the individual, the panic they genuinely feel can become so intense that it overloads their capability to cope. It is at this time that real problems can develop in their lives that they find it tricky to control. When the effect on day-to-day living becomes serious, this may lead to a diagnosis of PTSD.

PTSD can be brought on by being involved in or witnessing any traumatic event – such as a tsunami, a vehicle accident, or being attacked. The recollections of these disturbing events trigger responses that the person had during the actual event. This is particularly troublesome for members of the armed forces, police, or emergency response personnel as the response may be violent in nature. These ‘flashbacks’ can bring on long-lasting symptoms that can have a considerable impact on everyday life.

Certain scenarios can trigger the memory of the trauma, commonly called ‘flashbacks’, and these memories may bring all the feelings of fear, anxiousness, and panic of the original event. PTSD can typically be accompanied by fatigue due to sleep problems and this makes it hard for the person to concentrate which in itself leads to problems whilst at work and in the home. Psychological symptoms can also develop into depressive disorder and anxiety. There are also physical issues to consider, such as chest pains, sweating, and headaches.

The usual medical treatment given is in the form of anti-depressants or anxiety medication, and until recently with psychotherapy, severe anxiety-based conditions such as PTSD were considered treatable only through long, painful exposure therapy, and in some cases, not at all. A new and proven hypnosis method for treating PTSD is now available – known as the Rewind Technique. No longer does the client need to retell and relive the traumatic experience over and over. In fact, the therapist does not even have to know the details of the trauma-causing event. Using this technique PTSD causing trauma can be lifted very quickly (at times in just one session). In a recent study of 30 clients treated this new way, 28 of the 30 rated their treatment as being either extremely successful or successful, and 2 rated it as acceptable.

Hypnotherapy treatment is given in an appropriately peaceful environment which boosts the experience. Hypnosis allows them to become relaxed both physically and mentally and most people enjoy being in a hypnotic trance state. Hypnotherapy has long been regarded as an excellent method for helping clients with PTSD, but the rewind technique takes it to a new level. It is fast and effective.

Rewind does not need the client to go over the traumatic incident(s) again It is a brief, outcome-focused therapy that aims to help the individual return to a more conventional life than they would have expected had they not lived through the traumatic event. So for anyone who is troubled by ‘flashbacks’ of trauma, whether you have been formally diagnosed with PTSD or not, then going to an experienced hypnotherapist trained in the Rewind Technique, could be the start of your journey back to regular, relaxed life. The aim of hypnotherapy is to remove stress and the related problems it is causing and furthermore to enhance feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence. Kenneth Eldridge – an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist at Perth Hypnosis Clinic is trained and qualified in the Rewind Technique. If you suffer from PTSD and want to know more about treatment options a telephone call (0431 959 204) could be the start you need to get back on track.

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