How Hypnosis Works for Memory Improvement and Recall

How Hypnosis Works for Memory Improvement and Recall

If your memory and recall weren’t amazing, you wouldn’t recognise any of the words you are reading, and you wouldn’t know how to do any of the things you do in a normal day, and you wouldn’t recognise faces or know who you are related to. You wouldn’t be able to do the all the automatic things you’ve learnt to do such as drive a car and you’d never recognise a song on the radio. And recognising something when it is presented to you is a form of recall.

Having a bad memory is generally described as not being able to recall a memory when you want it.

The process of putting information into the mind and storing, is what memory is all about. And when we need itand retrieve it is recall.

The popular notion is that memory works like a video or photographic film. But this conception is incorrect. Memory is subject to your values, beliefs,and emotions. Each person has different observations. That is why people give different analysis of the same event.

Mental relaxation along with hypnosis can really help to recall memories. Hypnosis can be used as an effective tool to release emotional blocks that often limit learning skills.

All of us forget things and it is quite natural. But certain specific events, especially traumatic events, may be blocked by our unconscious minds intentionallyfor psychological and emotional reasons. This is a kind of a protective mechanism of the mindandit is called repression.This happens when your mind tries to pushdistressing events from the conscious mind because they are too painful to recall. Why you don’t recall such memories is because the mind has a motive – to protect you. Instead of remembering the event, you might experience fear when in a similar situation and not understand why you have that fear. Although lost by the conscious mind such memoriesare never really forgotten. Instead, they remain hidden somewhere in the unconscious mindto protect the conscious mind.

How can Hypnosis Help Recall?

Here is an example. Suppose you wrote down the combination to your safe and taped it to a file named “flowers”. After a long vacation you try to open the safebut you forgetthe combination and you can’t remember where you hid the combination. You cannot recall the file name. A hypnotherapist will guide you into a trance where you could still talk andhelp you to recall/retracethe chain of events of your past actions about storing the combination leading to where you kept that piece of paper.

In this case the sequence of details is vividly reconstructed by helping the subject focus on the experience. Crime investigators often use hypnotiststo help the witnesses recall details of crime scenes.

Memory Improvement

Hypnosis has also been used to assist patients recovering from brain surgery and strokes to speed up healing bystrengthening their neural pathways for memory improvement. Forming new neural connections utilisinghypnosis aids the brain property of neuroplasticity and the process of neural reconstruction will be deeper and more efficient when the brain is relaxed.

Things come to be stored in your long-term memory either through repetition which strengthens the memory pathway of the brain or through power of association. The unconscious mind is awake during the hypnotic state. During hypnosis direct suggestions and metaphors are used to train the unconscious mind to notice and build associations that will aid in memory retrieval.

The mechanismswith which we create and retrieve memory is improved using hypnosis. Along with mnemonic strategies and relaxation, hypnosis can significantly help improve focus and concentration as well as removing emotional blocks.

While hypnotherapy is safe, it pays to look for a qualified therapist, and one belonging to an Australian Professional Hypnotherapy Organisation, and one accepted by the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia – Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia (PHA) is an organisation that is recognised. Being a PHA member ensures the therapist is qualified and has maintained those qualifications.

Want to make a change – Let hypnosis help you!

If you are considering hypnosis for memory improvement, or want to explore hypnosis to resolve any issue, please give Kenneth a call on 0431 959 204.

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