Assisting Dementia with Hypnosis

Assisting Dementia with Hypnosis

A recent study has found that hypnosis can improve quality of life for Alzheimer patients by slowing down the impacts of dementia. These are the areas they found improvement:

  • Retaining valued independence by concentration on daily tasks
  • A common feature is reduced anxiety due to relaxation
  • Depressive states are eliminated with motivation
  • Keeping active by undertaking daily activities
  • Short term memory retention
  • Regained memory about significant events
  • Avoiding the tendency to fall into depression and self-isolation owing to increased socialization

The effects of hypnosis on people living with dementia were investigated by doctors. The treatment encourages participants to discuss current affairs and news in a type of group therapy and this was compared to the mainstream healthcare treatment.

According to the study, compared to the other treatment groups, dementia patients who had underwent hypnotherapy showed an improvement in memory, concentration, and socialization. With the use of hypnosis daily living activities, motivation and relaxation also improved.

The study went on for more than two months. And it was made sure the participants attending the discussion group remained the same all through. A small decline was noticed in the group who received mainstream treatment over the assessment period. On the other hand, those who received regular hypnosis showed real improvement across all of the areas.

Anxiety and depression in patients at the onset of dementia is common as they are aware of the gradual loss of cognitive ability. Hypnosis helps dementia patients to concentrate on socialization, which is a positive activity, by working as a tool for relaxation.

Studies validate that quality of life can be enhanced for people living with dementia if hypnosis is used in the correct way by a qualified and experienced practitioner.  Now, clinicians even attend courses so that they can incorporate hypnosis into health care plans. That itself vouches for the effectiveness of hypnosis in treating dementia.

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