Miserable Menopause – How Hypnotherapy does help?

How Hypnotherapy does help?

Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping women experience the menopause without experiencing the anxiety and the flushes, according to recent studies.

Many women experience hot flushes as they go through the menopause. This is caused by changes in the balance of the body’s sex hormones.

Hypnotherapy is cathartic and very powerful in relieving the symptoms. Those who have tried hypnosis say it is fantastic. The hot flushes disappeared within a matter of months!

However, many women are sceptical when someone suggests to getting hypnotised for the relief of menopausal symptoms.

In fact, there is solid evidence that both cognitive behavioural therapy and clinical hypnosis are beneficial. A study shows a striking decrease in the severity and number of hot flushes in women who had hypnotherapy.

How it works?

A hypnotherapist will first help you to deal with all your negative emotions and limiting beliefs while in a trance state. This is done on a weekly basis until all are dealt with.

You will then be taught methods of self-hypnosis with anchors to a cool body. When you start to experience that hot flush sensation beginning, you will be able to implement the self-hypnosis body-cooling technique. In time, you will experience actual relief of symptoms (frequency and severity).

And the best thing is – there are no drugs involved in this process – and therefore no side-effects.

Menopause is just a transition phase and not an illness and is part of life, all women experience.

A mistake many women commit is ignoring the situation, or trying different therapies that have little if any, positive impact – often making them feel worse physically or emotionally – giving up and possibly believing that is their lot. This about your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being, and you cannot always find relief by just popping a pill.

The good news is hypnosis has finally been recognized as an effective treatment for hot flushes. There is nothing negative about this transition and it should not be viewed as a negative phase. As you grow older you become wiser, too.

Just like you get a body massage for your well-being, hypnotherapy gives a massage to you mind. Your systems are aggravated by unconscious mechanisms and hypnotherapy allows you to address and eliminate them.

You may want to do you own research. Go to google.scholar.com and then enter hypnotherapy and menopause. There you will find peer-reviewed research. In fact you can find peer-reviewed articles for just about anything. Do not google hypnotherapy for menopause as you just find a whole lot of people advertising their services.

If you are interested in pursuing hypnotherapy to relieve your menopausal symptoms, call me on 0431 959 204. I have helped many women just like you.

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