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Pains in the chest and shortness of breath are quite common with panic attacks but are obviously quite distressing for most people because they could be something else. There are numerous reasons why someone could have a panic attack. Studies suggest that stress can be a major factor in the onset of anxiety attacks, as well as stressful or difficult conditions. Regretfully, people can experience panic and anxiety attacks suddenly and for no apparent reason. It is thought that a panic attack is brought on by the body’s own fight or flight response, where adrenaline is brought on, preparing the body to defend itself in a threatening situation.

We humans have an incredible ability to imagine things that aren’t happening. We can project ourselves into future scenarios, and imagine how things will work out. This is a fantastic skill to have. It allows us to plan ahead and to problem solve, but it can be misused. And if you misuse the imagination, by vividly catastrophes are going to befall you, your body instinctively responds by going into emergency mode, flooding your body with adrenaline, trying to protect you from the imaginary danger. Excessive anxiety and negative thinking are just a habit – not something you were born doing. It may have been caused by something that happened in your life or picked up from the people around you Panic and anxiety attacks cause avoidance behaviors that can limit the individual’s life.

The fear of the anxiety attack happening again can create high levels of emotional stress. You may also find yourself avoiding going to certain restaurants where you fear may set off a panic attack, and numerous people become isolated since they are afraid to go out at all. Panic disorder can hence reduce confidence, create further anxious feelings, and depression can usually set in due to this persistent worrying. Being with somebody that is experiencing a panic attack can be frightening but is far worse for the person experiencing it. 1 in 10 of us will undergo anxiety and panic attacks in our lifetime. When a person has anxiety attacks, they live each day with the fear of having an anxiety attack and this becomes extremely challenging.

Doctors can prescribe medication to assist with anxiousness and stress; however, this only helps with the symptoms, not the cause. You know on a rational level that you are blowing things out of all proportion, but on an emotional level the experience of panic and dread can be overwhelming Hypnotherapy for panic and anxiety attacks aims to eliminate entirely the root issues generating the individual’s anxiety and panic attacks. Hypnotherapy for panic disorder and anxiety can bring about constructive behavioral changes by changing the thought processes of the subconscious mind. Reasons for panic attacks can be managed and for most removed altogether.

Kenneth Eldridge, a clinical hypnotherapist located in Perth, Western Australia, said “Most clients know that they are feeling anxious for no good reason. They are not usually aware of why it started and so don’t understand why it is occurring. By using a proven clinical approach that retrains the subconscious mind’s inability to distinguish the difference between what is a real danger and what is imagined can get people back on track. Hypnotherapy uses specialist techniques to teach the client new approaches to relax, identify and remove triggers that may cause anxiousness, resolve problems which cause anxiety or worry, and aim to eradicate further panic attacks.”

Hypnosis for panic and anxiety attacks is a very effective alternative to conventional medical treatment. It combines a hypnotic approach with cognitive behavioral therapy to create calm and tranquillity within the mind, relieving anxious feelings and allowing you to live a life without unremitting worry and frustration. By changing habits within the subconscious mind, it really is possible to achieve just about anything. A hypnotic approach is very effective at helping clients to alter habits. Problematic behavior, in addition to psychological and physiological factors, can be effectively treated with hypnotherapy, such as IBS, stress and panic, depression, psoriasis, and elevated blood pressure. Professional hypnotherapists can also assist with weight control and cigarette smoking efficiently.

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