5 Ways Hypnotherapy can Assist with Sexual Dysfunction

5 Ways Hypnotherapy can Assist with Sexual Dysfunction

If you are struggling with erectile problems you are not alone. Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects half of all men above 40 years of age, according to a recent study.

Sexual dysfunction is often due to medical reasons or psychological problems. Hypnotherapy can assist with sexual dysfunction that is the result of psychological problems. For instance, if you can get an erection in the morning, when masturbating or sleeping, but have difficulty sustaining or obtaining an erection during sex, then the chances are there is a psychological cause.

Hypnotherapy offers effective relief for psychological erectile dysfunction in the following ways:

1. Stop smoking

Studies reveal that the likelihood of erectile dysfunction increases by more than 25% with smokers. It is important to have good blood flow to gain and maintain an erection. Smoking increases blood pressure, and impacts blood flow due to damaged blood vessels and arteries. Smoking also impacts other areas of the body in an adverse way. Stopping smoking is vital for anyone experiencing ED.

Hypnosis is proven (supported by documented and anecdotal evidence) to be the most effective way to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy helps you let go of your smoking habit completely by breaking your connections/associations with cigarettes within your subconscious so that you no longer want them, need them or like them.

2. Let go of stress and anxiety

The mind plays a significant role in triggering reactions the physiological reactions for sexual excitement that create an erection. This excitement can be affected by stress, anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, ED causes more stress and anxiety, which in turn exacerbates the ED, and slowly it becomes a vicious cycle. Everyone has stress and anxiety, but some are not equipped to deal with it. Hypnosis can allow you to resolve these issues so that they no longer affect your ability to enjoy sexual activity.

3. Restore your inner confidence

One of the root causes of most psychological ED is low self-esteem and confidence. An early embarrassing sexual encounter or bad relationship, and jealousy can lead to feeling inadequate or self-conscious in the bedroom. Hypnotherapy is an effective way to rebuild your sexual confidence and eliminating your insecurities.

4. Fitness and health

Heavy drinking, lack of exercise and over-eating adversely affect libido and performance. By consuming alcohol in moderation and maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly will help you enjoy increased libido and longer-lasting, stronger erections. Hypnotherapy can assist you in transitioning these lifestyle choices.

5. Live in the moment

Some men focus on pleasing their partner and excelling in it instead of approaching sex as an intimate, pleasurable, and mutually enjoyable act. They are more concerned about their performance, and worry how they may be judged. In this case sex becomes clouded by anxiety rather than an instinctive, sharing experience. Hypnotherapy can help to train your mind to focus on enjoying the experience rather than over-analysing performance.

If you have a sexual performance problem, and it is not a medical issue, please call me, – Kenneth, on 0431 959 204. I can help you to overcome these challenges and rediscover the enjoyment.

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