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Check out our some case studies for different problem which we regularly face. Check how hypnotherapy deal with it.

fear of elevators

Hypnosis Treatment for Phobias

There is a cliché that says the safest form of travel in the world is flying. This is almost true, but not quite. In fact, riding in a lift is the safest form of transportation there is. However, this knowledge doesn’t usually help because, as we all know, anxiety is not rational. People often say […]

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Public-Speaking Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking Anxiety

Mark sent Perth Hypnosis Clinic an email requesting help: “I am a senior professional who suffers increasingly from anxiety when presenting in group situations. This extends to both small groups and large groups. Even asking questions as an audience participant creates nervous tension. It is starting to hold me back career-wise. I am interested to […]

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