The Perfect Swing

So many people say that their practice swing is fine, but when it comes to real play it’s just not the same. We often hear people say things like: ‘Gosh, I wish I could hit like that during a game!’

Playing well is all about focus – in fact it is about being able to direct your focus at will. In a matter of moments you go from chatting with your friends to an absolute focus of attention on your play.

The golf swing is easily disrupted by inappropriate muscle tension and your mind can lead your body in having exactly the right level of muscle tension.

Now there is an important distinction between your state of mind during a practice swing and during a game swing. In your practice swing, you are fully engaged in the process of making the swing and not a bit worried about the outcome. If your mind is distracted from the process to the outcome, then effectively process can go out the window. You need to be totally absorbed with the process of the swing itself and not the outcome the swing will produce. You have got to want to win before you start playing your game but during the game any thoughts of victory need to vanish – because they are an outcome and when you are playing you need pure process.

All thoughts of the last shot you played or the next one after this or how the other players are doing must disappear, there is only now and only this action and to play to your full potential your mind has to extend in the right way – which means focus. Hypnosis mind training will instil confidence, focus and composure so that you become your swing when you make it.

The more you stay in process, the more you are going to be able to keep your real swing like your practice swing. It is like the guy walking a tight rope. If you stretch the tight rope 50cm above the ground, he can walk across there without too much trouble, because he is not thinking about the outcome of falling. But if you raise that tight rope 10 metres into the air, suddenly the whole thing changes. He’s stopped focussing on process and has focussed on outcome. However, if he truly wants a good outcome, he needs to stay process focussed!

So, you need to process your swing in a complete state of flow, what we call being ‘in the zone’. When you line up to take your swing, nothing else matters and all else fades into the background.

Hypnosis won’t teach you the mechanics of your golf swing – to learn correct technique you need professional coaching – but it will train your mind to repeatedly and reliably enter the exact frame to produce your best swing every time.

If you want to produce your best swing every time, I urge you to call Kenneth on 0431 959 204 and begin playing better golf and lowering your handicap.

Why use Hypnosis with Children?

While young people of every generation have inevitably had to face the ongoing challenges of life. In recent years these challenges have taken on new unprecedented forms. These include bullying and cyber bullying, virtual rather than real friendships, sexual abuse, families fragmenting and other social pressures.

The mental health statistics reveal the consequences of these relentless stresses in our children. Thousands of children are on psychiatric medication, especially anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs that are themselves problematic because of their side-effects and largely unknown effects on children’s neurological, physical and social development.

The use of hypnosis with children allows the therapist to absorb and join children in an imaginative experience, working together to alter sensations, change perceptions, shift perspectives, and discover a solution together.

This imaginative experience, combined with the use of post hypnotic suggestions and exercises, helps children learn to apply these new skills and perspectives to future situations.

Clinical hypnosis with children is best described as the deliberate utilisation of this naturally occurring trance-like state – this developmental mandate to use absorption, fantasy and imagination rehearsal – as a way to help a child move forward by discovering his own resources and capabilities, and then more specifically to learn new skills and apply them.

Hypnosis promotes mastery
One of the most tenacious misconceptions about hypnosis is that the person doing the hypnosis is controlling person receiving it. This is based on media depictions and stage hypnotists, swinging pendulum a convincing seemingly reasonable people to do silly things. The opposite tenet is what makes hypnosis with children so powerful: hypnosis is in fact a vehicle that promotes mastery and creates self-control. Using hypnosis, a child can mentally rehearse, physiologically change, cognitively shift, and emotionally regulate. A child who discovers the capacity to go inside and pull out what he needs moves into our uncertain world saying, “I don’t know exactly what will happen next, but I can handle it.”

Hypnosis creates problem solvers who can cope more independently with a variety of challenges, both physical and emotional. A child who must endure repeated blood tests-and has no choice in the matter-can master the ability to make his arm numb, or feel the needle and respond to it in a different way. A child who becomes anxious when a parent leaves them at school can learn independence and find that going to school can be fun. A child who becomes overwhelmed by the chaos and noise level of the typical school bus ride learn how to shift her focus away from the background noise and absorb herself in a positive experience of her choosing. A child who must adapt to her parents’ divorce can, in the context of a session with an attentive therapist, recall the loving support that have helped her in the past, and visualise how she will use them again in her present situation. These abilities taught to a child set the stage for future successes throughout life.

Kenneth is an experienced Paediatric Hypnotherapist who quickly builds rapport with children and understands their unique situations. If you are interested how hypnotherapy can help your child speak to Kenneth now by calling 0431 959 204.

Common Hypnotherapy Questions

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that allows exploration between our conscious (aware) and subconscious (unaware) self.  The conscious part of our mind is primarily responsible for deduction, reasoning, logic, short-term memory and a notion of time and space. It is the part of our mind that provides us with the ability to focus and pay attention to information around us, and to either accept or reject that information.

How much will each session cost?

  • First Session       $195.00
  • Follow-up           $175.00
  • Smoking              $250.00
    (one session – no charge if a follow-up is required)

How long is each hypnosis session?

Generally sessions are approximately 60 minutes, give or take, but will go for as long as they need to be. First session is always the longest as it requires information gathering prior to treatment

How many Hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

Depression is generally resolved within six sessions. Most other issues are resolved within three sessions, some in only one. People’s circumstances vary and so will the number of sessions vary.

fear of elevators

Hypnosis Treatment for Phobias

There is a cliché that says the safest form of travel in the world is flying. This is almost true, but not quite. In fact, riding in a lift is the safest form of transportation there is.

However, this knowledge doesn’t usually help because, as we all know, anxiety is not rational. People often say things like: ‘It’s not having the choice of whether I can get out or not!’, or: ‘I feel so enclosed!’ or ‘I just feel trapped’ or ‘I’m worried the doors won’t open.’

There may be ways of getting around travelling in alift but it’s always nice to have the choice and to be able to do so if you wish.

Helen had a severe fear of getting into and riding in lifts. She did not know where this fear stemmed from or why. What she did know that it was near impossible for her to ride in a lift without feeling extremely fearful. Just the thought of getting in a lift would make her feel quite anxious.

Helen works for a major Hotel in Perth in housekeeping, and as part of her employment agreement, she must use the lifts within the hotel to travel between floors (not use the stairs). You wouldn’t want to be carrying armfuls of bed linen between floors. As well as tiring, it could be dangerous.

Not being able to get into a lift without feeling anxious was having a real impact to the point that her employer told her that she must use the lifts, or her employment would be terminated.

The aim in the session was to gently re-train Helen’s unconscious mind to be so much more relaxed when thinking about or being in lifts or elevators.

Whilst in hypnosis, Helen visited a number scenarios where she would be in a lift and being completely relaxed there.

Immediately after this session, Helen was keen to try it out and see if the session worked for her. She went directly to the shopping centre and successfully rode a lift for a while without feeling anxious or fearful! Helen sent me a text saying “lovely.”

Public-Speaking Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking Anxiety

Mark sent Perth Hypnosis Clinic an email requesting help:
“I am a senior professional who suffers increasingly from anxiety when presenting in group situations. This extends to both small groups and large groups. Even asking questions as an audience participant creates nervous tension. It is starting to hold me back career-wise. I am interested to hear if hypnosis can assist with such an issue?”

Whenever surveys have been carried out about what people’s worst fears are, one of the top answers that consistently comes up is public speaking. So many people dread the idea of being up before an audience giving a talk or a presentation. On a rational level, you might know that you’re perfectly safe in front of an audience, but at an emotional level, a part of your mind thinks you are genuinely in danger, so it activates the body’s emergency response mechanisms.
This is why so many people get sweaty palms and a racing heart before giving a talk. Their body is preparing for an emergency, just as if they’d encountered a pack of hungry lions in the wild. This emergency mode could be a helpful response if you’re in real danger of being eaten, but having a body that’s flooded with adrenaline, and breathing rapidly with a dry mouth, certainly isn’t the ideal state to be in when you’re giving a public talk.
The fear of public speaking often arises for a mixture of reasons. Firstly, in any high-pressure situation where you want to perform well, there can be a tendency to think about and focus on what you don’t want to happen. People with a fear of public speaking often spend a huge amount of mental energy scaring themselves by vividly imagining all the ways their talk could go wrong, and in doing so they’re performing a form of negative self-hypnosis.

In the first session, I helped Mark to use his mind in a much more positive way than this, to create much more helpful expectations about his future public talks. Mark’s unconscious mind was asked to recall those times when Mark felt the most anxious when giving a presentation, and guided to re-tag them as non-threatening, and then, use this a template for similar times in the future.

When Mark came for his follow-up session, he reported that he felt more relaxed in meetings and was significantly more calm and confident whilst giving a presentation.

weight reduction hypnotherapy

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Set

Hypnotherapy really does work when it comes to weight reduction
Many of us have needed or planned to lose fat at some stage in our lives.
Many companies report that all you need to slim down is robust motivation. This may not be appropriate. It doesn’t matter how good or strong your conscious mind is, when the undesirable habits are deep in your unconscious mind, it likely will carry on to boost the unhealthy behavioural patterns you have become used to. Your attachment to comfort eating being a ‘reward’ is usually a deep seated obstacle.

Hypnosis for weight loss is all about changing your unconscious beliefs and habits around food. During hypnosis, the unconscious mind is shown a better alternative that bring about a better relationship with food. It is viewed as only a fuel source for the body and is not a means to satisfy emotions.
Modern technology exposes us all to a huge selection of colourful marketing campaigns showing junk food. Every day we are surrounded by a plethora of unhealthy food marketing on social networking, in the media as well as on the air waves. As many of us are now busier and thus have much less time, convenience food can be a quick and tasty solution at mealtimes. If you manage to circumvent all this enticement, you possess remarkably strong willpower.

If you find yourself grazing in the kitchen during the entire evening, you probably have a deep issue that is causing this. These are just behavioural patterns which might be profoundly ingrained within our unconscious mind and they’re tough to eliminate with no help. Hypnosis will let you crack those eating behaviours and reduce your weight long term.

You can find a significant amount of statistics supporting evidence that ‘hypnotherapy-aided’ weight management is effective.

When you do a comparison of the research associated with weight reduction achievements between those who have employed hypnosis and those that haven’t, the possibilities are stacked significantly in favour of those who have utilised a competent hypnotherapist to aid in their fat loss venture. A hypnotic approach is a professional approach and it offers superb outcomes. Nobody should really lose out on the benefits owing to stigmas and outdated imagery.

Having a potent mind plus an even stronger will to change is an excellent start to your weight loss drive. But now and then, a touch of assistance is called for. Lose fat and regulate it forever using hypnotherapy.
There is a down side. You will likely have to put some money away for some new clothes.

Contact Perth Hypnosis Clinic today to get that ‘YOU’ that you deserve painlessly and easily.Call 0431 959 204 or use the contact form on this page and get started today.

Defeating Depression with Hypnosis

Can Hypnosis Work For Depression?

Mental health problems affect nearly 25% of people sooner or later in their life. Depression is among the most commonly encountered mental health issues, usually jointly experienced with anxiety.

Depression is something much deeper than merely the lows of normal day to day life. The ceaseless low moods that individuals with depression have can seem perpetual and oppressive.

Characteristics include feeling miserable, anxious or upset, having low energy, unexplained weight gain or weight loss and sleeping challenges. Depression could also make a person experience low self-esteem, and really feel helpless or have negative thoughts.

Generally past incidents or a person’s circumstances can have a huge effect on their feelings, causing mental health challenges such as depression. In today’s modern society there is huge expectation of people to conform to everyday things, to do well at work or retain the expectations of family life. These expectations can make us feel overwhelmed and not up to the task of “life” and this can setup the environment for depressive issues. Without the right help though, depression can be very serious which is why it is crucial to change the behaviour of the brain and aim to address the emotions related to depression.

When individuals actually feel hopeless, worthless and overcome, the effect on their daily life is enormous. The despair and fatigue people truly feel in many cases destroys the enthusiasm they need to seek out useful treatment that can turn those feelings around.

Can Hypnotherapy Help For Depression?

There are many different treatments for depression including counselling, antidepressants as well as hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in defeating depression. The way hypnotherapy works is to change beliefs and behavioural patterns at a sub-conscious level and this changes the automatic beliefs that people have leading to more positive responses and rational thinking. This can make considerable inroads to the depressive feelings and move the person onto the road of recovery. In doing so, hypnotherapy helps the person to replace the old undesirable feelings and attitudes about themselves and enables them to start to experience success in their life.

Hypnotherapy can thus help to beat depression and in turn increase confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, with incredible results in all aspects of life.

If you are suffering from depression, at any level, we believe hypnosis can assist you to change that black and white thinking pattern and add colour and vitality back into your life and have you living your life the way you would rather be.

If you really want to deal with that depressive state, begin by making that call to 0431 959 204 and find out how hypnotherapy at Perth Hypnosis Clinic can change your life. Contact us today!

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Stop Cigarette Smoking with Hypnotherapy

In the 21st century is more emphasis on people to quit smoking than ever before. With different projects running across the country and inspiration to find smoking cessation advice, it is now quite difficult to get away from it.

It s fairly well accepted that cigarette smoking does damage our health and the information is shown to us everywhere we look. Quite a few people have no idea that hypnotherapy can really affect their life in a favourable way by helping them to get rid of smoking cigarettes completely. An experienced hypnotherapist can help a smoker to make this significant change in under two hours and when you take a look at the data, it looks to be the best way of getting rid of this harmful habit.

When you employ hypnotherapy to stop smoking tobacco the hypnotherapist will assist you to change the unconscious mind’s fundamental beliefs that are supporting your current smoking behaviours.

By learning your existing behaviours, the hypnotherapist can customise the hypnotic approach to target these unhelpful habits and remove the desire for cigarettes.

As reported by the New Scientist, that published the largest ever scientific comparison of ways to stop smoking, hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking cigarettes.

You need to desire to stop smoking permanently. Without desire to change, all forms of hypno therapeutic treatment have little likelihood of success. You already understand that smoking cigarettes can be extremely dangerous to your health and probably concerned with what may happen in the future if you carry on smoking cigarettes.

If you are focused and resolute, the hypnotherapist will guide your subconscious towards accepting a future as a non-smoker. When you stop cigarette smoking the positive aspects become visible quite quickly, in fact you could start to notice changes in just a few days. Not only could you feel notably fitter, you could find that you tend not to feel out of breath as quickly as you did before. Your blood pressure levels and heartbeat may return to normal and your lungs could begin to expel the damaging chemicals created through smoking.

You will be helping yourself, and those you live with.

When you are ready to stop smoking for life call 0431 959 204 or make an appointment now.

Pain Management hypnotherapy

Can Hypnosis Relieve Pain?

For many of us, pain can be difficult to deal with, whether it is sporadic or continual. When we experience pain, our first thought is to grab the painkillers to alleviate the discomfort. Pain killers are okay for short term pain, but if used continuously they can become another problem causing unwanted side-affect or in the worst case – addiction.

What other options are available? It might be time to consider hypnosis.

We often associate hypnotherapy with weight loss or helping someone to quit smoking but it has a host of other benefits, including pain management. We are regularly reminded that the mind and the body are inseparable, and hypnotherapy addresses this link. In fact, research proves that hypnosis can manage all types of pain from mild to acute, and sporadic and chronic.

Hypnotherapy is used in a variety of situations, including:

  • Post-operative pain
  • Phantom-limb pain
  • Psychosomatic
  • Palliative care

How can hypnosis help with pain management?

The focus of hypnotherapy is to relax. Stress and anxiety are quite common with pain and tension can make it worse. To relieve stress, you need to eliminate all pressure and anxiety. It’s easier said than done but if your thought patterns change, the pressure may decrease. When you’re under hypnosis, you focus on relaxation and let go of distracting thoughts, and a trained clinical hypnotherapist will be able give you the suggestions to encourage pain relief.

Remember, we’re not trying to convince you that your pain doesn’t exist, but we are allowing the pain to be more comfortable, and in many cases the pain can be removed completely. The techniques used in hypnotherapy help reduce stress and relax the nervous system, making it less reactive to pain.

This natural therapy technique is beneficial and has no side effects. Medical Professionals say it is an effective tool for chronic pain management.

Kenneth Eldridge a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Perth Hypnosis Clinic is experienced in helping clients overcome pain. He has dealt with psychosomatic, chronic, migraine and post-surgery. He has also provided pre-surgery hypnosis. This ensures the body is relaxed whilst in surgery and allows much speedier recovery from surgery.

If you suffer from unwanted pain call 0431 959 204 and find what we can do for you.

Contact your local hypnotherapy clinics for more information on hypnosis benefits.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Alternative treatments to health conditions are being sought increasingly more these days. In our world today being overweight is not just common, it now effects over 60% of people.
There are a plethora of diets available, each offering miracle cures to weight loss and reducing our food consumption. While the claims are plentiful more often than not the evidence is quite sparse.
Kenneth Eldridge from Perth Hypnosis Clinic based in Perth, Western Australia explained; “This is why hypnotherapeutic strategies tend to be more successful as it takes into consideration all the ramifications that dieting entails as well as combating any issues that may appear. Hypnosis can assist with appetite, maintaining a healthy diet and help to enhance overall health, without any of the risks associated with surgical procedures or medication and without the persistent struggle and despondency plenty of people suffer when dieting.
To sum up; using hypnotherapy approaches can tackle the problems linked to dieting as well as keeping the motivation high and assisting to change the behaviours around food.”
A great many people decide to have hypnotherapy strategies after they have been on a number of different diets and not been successful in slimming down.
Normally, the aim of the hypnotherapists would be to change your behaviours and thoughts about food.
Hypnosis aims to treat the whole person on a physical and mental level so that their overeating can be understood and then improved. These may include learned behaviours whilst growing up and the patterns of eating, strong desires, and the quality of the diet, portion control, eating habits, comprehension of healthy eating and a proper diet.
Hypnotherapy tends to focus on behavioural change as opposed to what is allowed or not allowed. For weight loss to be effective and long lasting behavioural change has to occur and virtually all diets tend not to tackle this issue because they have no capability to do it.
Diets do not generally explain how the body functions. The body naturally slows down metabolism in times of food scarcity, which is how the mind sees dieting, which results in fewer calories being required on a daily basis. To continue to lose weight you need to reduce the calories even further and this effect can last up to Six years. Hormones also vary during long term dieting and this can also have an impact making it even tougher to shed weight and remain healthy.
So if you have tried ‘everything’ and you would like more information regarding hypnosis for weight loss, or for anything else you may want to deal with – call now on 0431 959 204.
Perth Hypnosis Clinic is built on the highest ethical standards and a service provided by a qualified and experienced professional. We offer a whole range services for habit breaking, pain, disease, phobia, and general improvement.